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New Features 2013-10-11 14:29:46

Newly Added Features

  • It is now possible to view your friends list.
  • Added My Friends link under User Navigation
  • Friends List Page shows... Friends Online Status, PM Button, E-mail Button & Friends Since Date

Features Coming Soon

  • My Pending Friend Requests Page
  • Paging of Friends List & Friend Requests

New Website Features 2013-10-10 21:40:22

We have just finished implementing an IRC Chatroom into the website!

You can access the chatrom by clicking the "IRC Chatroom" link under Site Navigation.

On the "IRC Chatroom" page you will also find the information to connect to our chatroom using your own IRC Chat Client.

Bug Fix 2013-10-10 00:11:57

A Bug has been fixed on event Ticketing Options. Some ticket sale options had been inproperly labeled unavailabe, this has been corrected.

Operation Impending B00M II 2013-10-06 23:43:26

Tier 3 has been announced for Operation Impending B00M II: GIRS East Coast INVASION!! NOT an event you should miss! come out and support the biggest hardcore event on the east coast of 2014!!


// Tier 3 Information \

✰✰ Squad-E (UK) - UK Hardcore //Twista Records //All Around The World ✰✰

✰ RyanKore (Whittier, CA) - Happy/UK Hardcore //Lethal Theory

✰ Skeets (Seattle, WA) - Happy/UK Hardcore //Futureworld //Bassface //Executive Rec. //In Your Head Rec. //Original Hardcore //Core Rec.

✰ VDJ Beloved (Buffalo, NY) - UK Hardcore //Beloved Entertainment //BitchassProductions //Dirty Filthy Records //FTW

✰ Rafer Rawb(Oakland, CA) - Happy Hardcore //Outlet //KikWear

✰ VampyVicious (Saint Louis, MO) - J-Core //Resonated Records

✰ H4RDNoX (Brooklyn, NY) - UK Hardcore //GalaxyExpress //CandyRadio //Paradox

✰ Daft (CT) - Trance/Progressive //Rabbit Revolution

✰ KFl0W (Kent, OH) - Electro Trance //Star Ent. //Rapture Ent. //BlackRose

✰ Boxxygen (Buffalo, NY) - Drum & Bass //TheHerd //NuSkoolPirates

✰ B^2 (Bufflo, NY) - Jungle/Breaks //The Herd

✰ Integrity (Long Island, NY) - Hard Trance //NYCRaverz //HardMind //GrooveTherapyAM 

✰ Artemis (Worcester, MA) - PsyTrance //TightCrew

✰ Merciless Slunt Slayer (Providence, RI) - Drum & Bass //HowsYaMom //LiveFreeAndDance //MakeItRayne //RobotHaus

New Site Features 2013-09-18 22:01:17
  • Users can now view Our Web Store on the site "Apparel" web page
  • Users can now add store items to their shopping cart
  • Users can view their Store Shopping Cart
  • Users must confirm their order before checking out
  • Users can now view their Web Store transaction logs through the "Order History" Page

Bug Fixes 2013-09-16 12:41:31
  • Fixed bug preventing the display of uploaded user avatars
  • Fixed bug with the link provided for accepting friend requests in notifications

New Features Being Implemented 2013-09-15 06:05:36

a facebook/Gtalk styled chat system has been implemented

  • users can set their online chat status
  • users can now chat with eachother
  • the Who's Online list for chat shows all online users

New Features & Photos 2013-09-14 23:31:31

NEW Event Photos Posted!

  • The Album "Sonic Underground" has had 85 more images added.


Support for the following features has been added to the website

  • Altered view own user page/profile, added tabs to alternate between for either viewing or posting blogs
  • Altered the Quick Jump to an Event Details Page to only display upcoming events
  • Added Moderator Support for Managing Events
  • Altered Detailed Blog Entry Page, added paging to the comment/replies

Site Updates 2013-09-14 01:31:19

we are currently undergoing site updates over the span of this weekend between September 13th 2013 - September 15th 2013. 

Bug Fix 2013-09-08 02:45:30

Fixed a bug that was preventing users from viewing Artist/Dj pages